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Rise of the Loremaster: The Arisendia Chronicles - Book 1

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

4 STAR REVIEW Action Packed

Jack Peregrine's Rise of the Loremaster: The Arisendia Chronicles - Book 1 is for truly hardened Fantasy Adventure fans. The world-building seemed non-stop as there always were the changing scenes, and the minutia of description, along with the names of the towns, cities, and especially the characters, I felt muddled the prose. The author's attempt at compiling a backstory slowed the pace of the book woefully so. When finally, there were exciting scenes of battle and death-defying situations, Peregrine came through to wow me. Most impressively, however, is Peregrine's paralleling our country's current upheaval, that its history is being white-washed by an invading political ideology hell-bent on going against the principles of which our great nation was founded. Concernedly, the future of America's free speech may become some restricted that it will only be able to be expressed through literature such as this. Rise of the Loremaster has its moments; sometimes, I was even juxtaposing scenes in my mind with January Sixth. That is the beauty of the written word. It is open to interpretation. Bravo!

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Jack Peregrine

Jack Peregrine was born in Kent, ‘The Garden of England.’ His first encounter with fantasy literature came as he watched and listened to Bernard Cribbins read ‘The Hobbit’ on BBC Jackanory in 1979. A trip to his local library followed, where he checked out the book to enjoy for himself.

A love of Tolkien and his children’s classic fed naturally into reading ‘The Lord of the Rings.’ His bedroom was soon filled with hand-drawn reproductions of maps, runes, calendars and poems from Middle-Earth. Many of them were committed to memory and remain in his head to this day.

At the age of twelve, during the 1980s golden era of roleplaying games, he hooked up with school friends to form a Dungeons & Dragons group.

A writer all his life, despite busy non-literary careers living and working on three continents, Peregrine has authored books, poetry and articles in various genres under different names.

For a long time he resisted the urge to commit ideas for his own fantasy series to paper; choosing instead to hone his writing craft in other areas with over a million published words of experience.

Finally the moment came to pour out story concepts that had haunted him for years into a new world with its own mythos.

‘The Arisendia Chronicles’ formed the physical manifestation of those spectres.

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