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Saved By Hope by Jenny Lowe

5 Star Review

by Lisa Lowe

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In "Saved By Hope," Jenny Lowe takes us on an personal and emotional journey through the depths of her heart, and in doing so she reveals a story of strength, determination, and the pure power of hope in the face of infertility.

At the age of 34, she found herself facing the haunting world of fertility specialists after an unsuccessful IVF attempt that shattered her dreams of conceiving her first child. This pivotal moment in her life exposed her to the harsh realities of infertility but also put on her the painful sting and societal stigma that surrounds it.

Jenny's narrative is a pure in its purest forms and her unfiltered account of her experiences, where she fearlessly confronts the stark truths of grief and loss. Through her captivating words, readers are invited into her world, where the spark of hope flickers like a fragile flame in the darkness. She doesn't shy away from sharing the heart-wrenching moments, though I could not imagine the vulnerability and the tears she shed with the emotional turmoil that accompanies such a challenging journey.

What sets "Saved By Hope" apart is Jenny's unbending belief in the possibility of motherhood, her drive to keep moving forward, and her refusal to surrender to despair. In her darkest hours, she discovers a wellspring of love within herself and encounters selflessness from unexpected sources, reminding us all of the incredible value that resides within the human spirit.

Throughout the book, the theme of hope and resilience shines like a shooting star. It becomes a steadfast companion, and a source of comfort and determination to fulfill her dream of motherhood. Her story serves as a powerful reminder that even in the face of adversity, hope can be as strong as the fire from the sun that illuminates the path toward a brighter future.

In a world where stories of triumph over adversity are often the most poignant, "Saved By Hope"for me stands out as a heartfelt memorable story to the strength of the human heart and the unwavering belief in the possibility of miracles. Jenny Lowe's journey is a reminder that, even in the face of life's most formidable challenges, hope is in fact the most cherished companion.

About the Author

Jenny Lowe was 34 when she sought help from fertility specialists. An unsuccessful IVF attempt to conceive her first child left her painfully aware of the sting and stigma surrounding infertility, and brought her face to face with something insidious fighting against her. Saved By Hope is the honest and emotional story of Jenny’s continued fight for motherhood. She recounts raw and devastating realities of grief and loss while shining light on love, selflessness, and something that could never be taken from her: Hope.


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