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Shiraz and Syrah: A Collection of Delectable Persian and French cuisine

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By David Salinas

The irresistible flavors of Persian and French cuisines are expertly combined in "Shiraz and Syrah: A Collection of Delectable Persian and French Cuisine" by Mina Abdi. Indulge in a delicious adventure reminiscent of Iran's street cuisine and the elegance of French cuisine, brought to life by Abdi's boundless love for both traditions.

This cookbook is more than just a recipe book; it's an ode to family, friends, and the joy of good food. To help readers appreciate the culinary and cultural significance of Shiraz and Syrah, Abdi deftly interweaves their histories.

"Shiraz and Syrah" stands out in part because of how simple it is to comprehend. Even both Persian and French cuisines are known for their intricacy, Abdi's detailed directions and gorgeous photos make every dish accessible to cooks of all skill levels. This book is a terrific resource for experienced chefs who are constantly seeking new ideas as well as inexperienced cooks who wish to learn more about the art. 

My thoughts are supported by the reviews, which compliment Abdi on his skill in making complicated cuisine seem simple. Readers are enticed to venture beyond their gastronomic comfort zones and explore the exotic worlds of Persian and French cuisine with page after page of enticing recipes and colorful fragrances. 

"Shiraz and Syrah" is more than simply a cookbook; it's an epicurean adventure that will improve your cooking skills and entice your palate. Whether your intention is to master culinary arts, explore other tastes, or simply enjoy delectable food, this book is a must-have for any kitchen.

About the Author

Mina Abdi

Mina Abdi is a professional chef. She has been cooking for family and friends, restaurants, and events for the last fifty years. Originally from Iran, Mina grew up surrounded by old family recipes and traditional dishes. Inspired by Iran's appreciation for culture and cuisine, she mastered Persian cooking and grew eager to explore other countries' dishes. Mina trained as a chef in French culinary schools, slowly learning to perfect savory recipes and pastries. Her love of both Persian and French cuisines prompted her to combine them in one book for foodies to enjoy. Whether it's an exotic Persian dish or an elegant French meal, Mina believes in making every recipe approachable and delicious.


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