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Short Path to Enlightenment

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Lara Gavilanez

Paul Brunton's "Short Path to Enlightenment" is a phenomenal example of spiritual writing that shows readers how to instantly become spiritually awake. Famous people like Adyashanti and Gangaji have express admiration for this book for its great lessons that can awaken the seeker within.

On every page of this amazing book, Brunton shows how well he understands and explores these life-changing lessons. He takes the main ideas from many different spiritual systems, such as Advaita, Zen, and Dzogchen, and turns them into easy-to-understand teachings that he calls "Short Path" teachings. It is said that these lessons can help people reach a simple recognition, a brief moment of grace that can bring the faraway spiritual goal into the present moment.

What makes "Short Path to Enlightenment" unique is Brunton's skill at writing about these deep facts in simple, straightforward language. He not only encourages people to find out the truth about themselves, but also gives them real advice on how to do it. By giving clear and straightforward instructions, Brunton helps people recognize themselves right away and all the time, which leads to a deep sense of inner knowing and freedom.

Brunton's work is also very helpful and can be seen as a spiritual friend. He gives people the knowledge and skills they need to find their way with confidence and clarity. As the pages turn, readers are encouraged to dig deep into their own minds and find the timeless knowledge that lies there.

It's more than just a book; "Short Path to Enlightenment" is a holy text, a sutra, that opens the reader's eyes to all time. Brunton's lessons will hit home for everyone, whether they are a seasoned practitioner or new to the path. They will show you the way to spiritual awakening with grace and clarity. Let this deep work lead you to understanding who you really are. Read it with an open heart and mind.

About the Author

Paul Brunton

Paul Brunton's (1898-1981) remarkable life was in service to wisdom. He was born in the cultural center of London, and his introspective and mystical sensitivity soon led him East, first to India and Egypt, and then around the world to explore spiritual traditions and meet with teachers. Blending his own inner inquiry with ancient and contemporary teachings, PB, as he liked to be called, developed a philosophy that suits life in the 21st century, one that expresses the greatest wisdom and love available to humankind—the Wisdom of the Pure Mind and the Love of our own Higher Self.

A lifetime of both inner and outer research enabled Paul Brunton to bring the sacred teachings of the East to the West and make them understandable to the heart and mind. PB uncovered the universal truths that have flowered as the religions and mystical philosophies. His writings provide spiritual seekers, whether affiliated with a particular path or not, a guide full of beauty and grace that will carry them forward in their quest to realize that greatest of all treasures, their own Higher Self, Soul, or Overself.


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