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Snoodles in Space: A Snoodle, the Zoodle Kidoodles, and One Happy Schmoodle

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Lynda

Steven Joseph's most recent book, "Snoodles in Space: A Snoodle, the Zoodle Kidoodles, and One Happy Schmoodle", With Andy Case's striking drawings bringing it to life, this entertaining book transports readers to a fanciful cosmic journey full of heart, humor, and a little culinary inventiveness.

The story opens with the endearingly odd residents of Snoodleland, where the ever-ingenious Herbie Snoodleman created the noodle-powered Snoodlemobile, which has brought happiness and peace. Peace is broken, though, when Sally Stroodle and Norman Noodle are kidnapped by the Zoodle Kidoodles from the far-off planet Zoodle. The extraterrestrial visitors are in a terrible situation: the engines of their spaceship are malfunctioning, and Cloodle the great Roodle, their great leader, needs a crucial brain surgery. They want all of the noodles on Earth.

Humble bakers by trade Norman and Sally Stroodle are thrown into a cosmic puzzle that is much beyond their culinary abilities. The Prickly Peppered Purple Propulsion Powered Pickle, an odd creation by Sour Croodleman, is their last hope. As hostilities mount, the story asks if Sour Croodleman can put aside old grudges and work with Herbie Snoodleman to save their pals and prevent Earth from become noodleless.

Readers of all ages are enthralled by Joseph's imaginative tapestry, which is still as humorous and engrossing as ever. Richly detailed, every character gives the drama as it progresses a unique touch. The ensemble that drives the story is lively and comprises the creative Herbie Snoodleman, the sincere Norman and Sally, and the sour but important Sour Croodleman.

More than just a kids book, "Snoodles in Space" celebrates creativity, teamwork, and inventiveness. Joseph skillfully combines a humorous style with underlying themes of cooperation and the strength of improbable partnerships. Wackadoodle twists and turns in the book have readers turning pages with anticipation, wondering what strange yet hilarious fix will save the day.

Finally, Steven Joseph's expanding universe of noodle-powered adventures is greatly enhanced with "Snoodles in Space: A Snoodle, the Zoodle Kidoodles, and One Happy Schmoodle". Both novices and readers of the first book should find it delightful, and they will be looking forward to the next crazy story from this talented writer-illustrator pair.

About the Author

Steven Joseph

Steven Joseph is an attorney, professional negotiator, marathon runner, comedian and zen master. He lives in Hoboken, New York, and is a proud father of a grown up daughter Vita. He is also the son of a Holocaust Survivor, and his writings lean on the concept of survival, which was ever present growing up as a child, and acknowledgment which he has learned through his zen practice. He explores the path to effective crankiness in "A Grownup Guide to Effective Crankiness: The CrankaTsuris Method."


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