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Solace in the Storm: Caring for Loved Ones of Every Generation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

by David McCarthy

In the blink of an eye, life's tranquillity can be replaced by the tempest of caregiving. Whether it's tending to children, spouses, parents, or even grandchildren, most individuals will find themselves in the role of caregiver at some point of their lives. This is a simple fact that we all have to come to terms with. Despite its prevalence, finding swift, straightforward, and pragmatic guidance to weather the unrelenting storm of caring for a loved one can be a challenge. This is where Solace in the Storm by Dr Merle Griff comes in most handy.

Dr.Merle Griff, the visionary behind SarahCare, an adult day health centre with locations nationwide, is a beacon of support and practical wisdom for those journeying through the complex landscape of caregiving. With a background rooted in play therapy with children, Dr.Merle Griff has pioneered therapeutic techniques now utilized globally. This clinical proficiency is evident in Solace in the Storm, where she imparts user-friendly solutions to common caregiving dilemmas.

What distinguishes this book is its profoundly personal touch. Dr.Merle Griff shares not only her own experiences but also narratives from those who have confronted similar trials, fostering a sense of kinship that is profoundly reassuring. This intimate connection adds a layer of credibility and empathy, making the advice not only sound but also comforting.

Solace in the Storm takes a comprehensive view, addressing caregiving from infancy to tending to elderly parents. This acknowledgment that caregiving demands evolve over time is invaluable. The book also offers excellent counsel on how friends and family can provide meaningful support, whether through practical assistance or offering the right words of solace.

Dr.Merle Griff's prose is articulate, succinct, and easily digestible, rendering it a valuable resource for caregivers from all walks of life. The book's well-organized structure allows for swift reference, ensuring caregivers can find the guidance they need amidst the chaos of their schedules.

In addition to her written work, Dr.Merle Griff extends her clinical expertise and personal experience to her podcast, "Caught Between Generations," which delves into caregiving across the life cycle. This supplementary resource underscores her dedication to offering support and guidance to caregivers in all stages of life.

Solace in the Storm transcends being a mere book—it is a lifelong confidant for caregivers. It offers a reservoir of swift tips, resources, and words of encouragement. This is a book that caregivers will return to time and again, finding comfort within its pages during moments of doubt and exhaustion.

In summation, Dr.Merle Griff's Solace in the Storm serves as a guiding light for caregivers navigating the tumultuous seas of caregiving. With its practical advice, relatable anecdotes, and comprehensive approach, it stands as an indispensable resource for anyone facing the challenges of caring for a loved one. This book is a true lifeline for caregivers, offering solace amidst life's storms.

About the Author

Dr. Merle Griff

Merle D. Griff, PhD, is Founder and CEO of SarahCare, an adult day health program with locations throughout the United States. She began her career working with children as a play therapist and developed therapeutic techniques that are used throughout the world. Dr. Griff brings her clinical expertise and personal experience, as a mother, grandmother, and family caregiver for her mother and her husband to her podcast about caregiving throughout the life cycle, Caught Between Generations.


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