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Stop, Drop, Grow, & Glow: Forming Deeper and More Joyful Connections with Yourself and Your Children

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Stephanie Martinez

"Stop, Drop, Grow, & Glow" by Holly Swenson gives the right sense of direction for parents who want to raise their kids in a more peaceful and satisfying way without loosing their mind while doing so. This book is a life-changing guide that goes beyond typical parenting tips. It gives a complete way to find inner peace, patience, and joy while being a parent, which is a very difficult journey.

Swenson is a mother of four and an award-winning author. She brings a lot of personal and professional knowledge to the table. As a BSN, RN, and health writer, she has a lot of experience that helps her give advice that is both useful and kind. She knows how much stress parents are under and gives them an organized but open framework that they can use to reconnect with their own needs and values while creating a safe space for their kids.

The process Holly shares is easy to understand and apply to everyday life. It tells parents to take a moment to think (Stop), let go of stress and bad habits (Drop), work on their own health and growth (Grow), and finally, be a loving and positive presence (Glow). This framework is meant to help parents get back in touch with their true selves and become the calm, purposeful, and happy parents they want to be.

This book is different because it talks about both mental growth and parenting. Swenson doesn't just give advice on how to deal with kids' behavior or home chores; she also talks about how to heal and take care of yourself. By focusing on the parent's inner world, she makes sure that the changes in the outside world—the family relationships and dynamics—last and have a big impact.

Swenson's writing is warm, interesting, and full of stories that people can relate to and that hit home strongly. She doesn't try to avoid talking about how hard and complicated parenting can be. Instead, she does so with kindness and offers real answers. Her comments and tasks are carefully thought out to help parents learn more about themselves and gain confidence through the hard times of parenting.

"Stop, Drop, Grow, & Glow" is a must-read for parents who feel overwhelmed by their duties and wants to improve their family life. It's clear what Swenson wants us to hear: if we take care of ourselves, we can better care for our kids. People who read her book are encouraged to make parenting a fun and beneficial experience for both parents and kids.

Holly Swenson offers a new and freeing point of view for modern parenting in a world where advice is often rigid and exhausting, . Her book shows how powerful it is to be conscious, take care of yourself, and live in the present moment. She also shows the impact this can have in the raising of your children. "Stop, Drop, Grow & Glow" is the right book for parents who are ready to start a journey of deeper bonds and real joy.

About the Author

Holly Swenson

Holly Swenson, BSN, RN is the author of Stop, Drop, Grow, & Glow, wellness blogger, mother to four incredible sons, and a perpetual student of life. She is on a mission to bring more joy, intention, balance, and wellness to parenting and beyond. Helping parents learn to operate from a space of wholeness and more grace is a major motivator driving her work. She believes in you and your capacity to continue to grow.


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