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The AndroBiotica File: Nearly Human

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

by Michael Beas

David Gittlin's “The AndroBiotica File: Nearly Human” transports readers into a fascinating world full of futuristic intrigue and technological wonders. The story follows meticulous investigator Derrick Falk and his charming partner Aurora Zolotov as they go on a dangerous mission to recover a stolen plan to create an advanced near-human android.

Moving into a space where AI and robotics converge, Gittlin's deft storytelling seamlessly blends complex technical concepts with engaging plots. This book quickly draws the reader into a world both familiar and highly advanced, painting a vivid picture without overwhelming the reader with excessive jargon.

The strength of this story lies in the main character, Derrick Falk, whose perspective guides the story. Derrick's depth and dedication are clear, but readers may wish to explore Aurora's character more deeply, as her presence suggests untapped potential.

However, the limited insight into Aurora's character is consistent with the story's focus on Derrick's perspective.

The progression of the story is a testament to Gittlin's ingenuity, with unexpected developments such as the reveal of Tier 2 and the introduction of an alternate dimension heightening the intrigue and expanding the scope of the story. The implementation of these complexities is commendable as they fit seamlessly into the plot and provide a sense of plausibility within the futuristic landscape.

However, the book's epilogue seems to end abruptly, leaving readers looking forward to further resolution, especially regarding Aurora's part of the story. The hectic nature of this section detracts from a well-written story somewhat, leaving room for further exploration and closure, especially Aurora's character development.

“The AndroBiotica File: Nearly Human” is a fascinating take on the possibilities and perils of advances in AI and robotics. Gittlin's narrative skills create engaging stories that provoke thought about the intersection of technology and humanity. Readers are eagerly anticipating a potential sequel and feel a burning desire to delve deeper into Aurora's character and see her shine alongside Derrick in her future adventures.

In summary, Gitlin's books impress with their futuristic charm, deft development, and thought-provoking themes, creating an engaging series that allows for a more thorough exploration of the characters and the vast world in which they live.

About the Author

David Gittlin

After a career in marketing and business communications, David Gittlin studied screenwriting and novel writing at UCLA. His first novel (an urban fantasy thriller titled "Three Days to Darkness") was nominated for the James Kirkwood Prize for creative writing. He has written four novels and five novellas. His most recent novel is "River to the Multiverse," the fourth book in The Silver Sphere Series. David lives in Florida with his wife, daughter, and grandchild.


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