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The Birth Mother by Seymour Ubell

5 Star Review

by Michael Beas

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In "The Birth Mother" by Seymour Ubell, readers are treated to a riveting and emotionally powered story that visits the remarkable journey of a high-powered American entrepreneur, his wife, and their twin daughters, whose lives take an unexpected and transformative turn during a visit to China.

At fifty-six years old, the protagonist goes on a routine business trip to China, where he meets with his business partners. He does not know that his trip will be different than all other trips and will mark the beginning of a life-altering adventure. It all starts with an invitation from his Asian mentor to visit an orphanage—and that simple invitation sets in motion a series of events that will forever change the course of their family's life.

Without hesitation, the business man and his wife find themselves at the orphanage, where they meet Anglo/Asian twin girls. In that moment hearts are captured, and they make the extraordinary decision to become the adoptive parents of these two beautiful children. What follows is a voyage filled with twists, turns, and a series of uncanny coincidences and synchronicities that seem to guide their path in life.

Ubell pens a masterful narrative that spans continents and generations, taking readers from China to Europe to America and back again. Central to the story is the mysterious and unusual birth mother who reenters their lives in China, adding an element of wonder and complexity to an already emotionally charged tale.

"The Birth Mother" is a testament to the enduring power of love, family, and the unbreakable bonds that tie us together. Ubell's storytelling is nothing short of outstanding, drawing readers into the lives of the twin daughters as they face a myriad of external and internal challenges. We witness and embrace the families triumphs and tragedies, their laughter and tears, and their incredible capacity for growth and resilience.

This book is a wild rollercoaster of emotions, every page is filled with drama, heartache, and, ultimately, victory. It's a story that will make you want to laugh, cry, and reflect on the profound lessons of love and a destiny that can never be forgotten. Ubell's narrative is deeply moving but also serves as a valuable source of insight and wisdom, offering readers a chance to learn from the experiences of this extraordinary family.

This is a story that I and you will never forget.

About the Author

Seymour Ubell is not a household name⎯but he should be. He has gone about his life taking risks in business that border on the dare-devil, not unlike taking a leap into space on a hang glider, all the while knowing the skill and strength you bring to the flight is all you have to arrive safely. He learned in the school of hard knocks, worked with tyrants and mentors who taught him equally well. His heart always pursued the sale, and his personality fit that endless quest perfectly. His friends and family benefit from his love and generosity, although his personal life has had its share of challenges and heartache. He explains his view of life through a prism of one well lived. He has made mistakes, as humans always do. He has enjoyed his triumphs and learned from his failures. Seymour Ubell is a world traveler, a sportsman, a true professional entrepreneur. He enjoys the validation of enormous international business success to sustain his passion for the hard work that success demands.


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