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The Commodity of Time

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Michael Beas

Lizann Grupalo's 'The Commodity of Time' takes readers on an intensely moving journey into the depths of love, resilience, and the special connection between a mother and daughter. We are introduced to the amazing tale of Lizann's mother, Dolly Grupalo, as she faces a daunting foe - cancer. Lizann's poignant story enthralls readers with its unvarnished truth and genuine honesty from the very first page when she shows up as Dolly's rock-solid ally as she fights incurable cancer. Together, they forge through the choppy waters of doubt with unyielding resolve and unending love.

What makes 'The Commodity of Time' unique is its capacity to go beyond the confines of a traditional memoir, providing readers with a close-up view of the wide range of emotions that both mother and daughter go through. Throughout Dolly's treatment journey, Lizann's work reflects a unique honesty that is both deeply inspiring and heartbreaking, capturing both the triumphant celebrations of little achievements and the crushing sadness of disappointments.

Dolly and Lizann's relationship grows stronger in the face of hardship, providing comfort and support amid upheaval. Together, they defiantly display life's priceless moments by attending weddings and cheering during high school basketball games, facing their worst anxieties, and finding moments of joy in unexpected places.

Fundamentally, 'The Commodity of Time' is a celebration of the human spirit's unwavering resilience and the transformational power of love amid the most difficult circumstances. Readers are reminded of the human spirit's eternal endurance and its limitless ability for optimism, even in the darkest of circumstances, through Lizann's powerful narration.

Lizann Grupalo invites readers to share the remarkable journey of a mother's unshakable strength and her daughter's unwavering loyalty in this compelling and emotionally moving memoir. 'The Commodity of Time' is more than just a book; it's a celebration of the human spirit, an ode to the eternal power of love, and a sobering reminder that, at the end of the day, what really defines us is our relationships with one another.

About the Author

Lizann Grupalo

Lizann Grupalo grew up in Northern California. She earned a BA in Italian from Santa Clara University and her MBA in International Business from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey, Fisher Graduate School of Business.

A career in international business development and sales along with her entrepreneurial and adventurous spirit has encouraged her to live greatly and explore the world. The Commodity of Time is her first book. She lives in Alpharetta, Georgia with her mini goldendoodle Lexi.


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