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The Esmeralda Goodbye

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Adrianne Miller

In the atmospheric noir thriller "The Esmeralda Goodbye," written by Corey Lynn Fayman, readers are taken back in time to 1950s La Jolla, California, a charming coastal community with dark secrets hidden beneath its sunny exterior. The main character, rookie police officer Jake Stirling, is troubled by a family tragedy and becomes caught in a web of danger and mystery when he discovers a high-profile burglary at the Hotel Del Charro.

Jake saves the life of none other than crime novelist Raymond Chandler in the novel's opening scene, which sets the stage for a story full of historical characters and shady transactions. J. Edgar Hoover, Meyer Lansky, Artie Corcoran, Zsa Zsa Gabor, and others are among the colorful personalities that Fayman deftly stitches together, each with their own mysterious goals and motivations.

The compelling mystery at the center of "The Esmeralda Goodbye" takes place in post-war America, a country teeming with organized crime and political intrigue. As Jake digs further into the theft investigation, he finds himself entangled in a plot that jeopardizes not just his life but also the legacy of his late father—a reputable police detective—whose unexplained suicide still haunts Jake.

In his realistic depiction of 1950s California, Fayman demonstrates his skill as a storyteller by deftly capturing the social dynamics and political undercurrents of the time. The gritty tales of Raymond Chandler are reminiscent of the spirit of classic noir, as conveyed by the author's style. Suspense and tension abound in the plot, which is driven by unexpected turns and twists that keep readers on the edge of their seats.

What a testament to the quality of the book "Advance Praise for The Esmeralda Goodbye" r

remarking on the deft blending of historical intrigue with coming-of-age components, Alan Russell commands Fayman's skillful storytelling. Using Chandler's legacy as a point of comparison, Ona Russell praises the author's tribute to the noir genre. David Putnam, meantime, highlights the novel's unadulterated intensity and accurate depiction of a bygone age by drawing an appropriate comparison between Fayman's and James Ellroy's works.

To sum up, "The Esmeralda Goodbye" is Corey Lynn Fayman's masterful, suspenseful tribute to vintage noir literature. This book transports readers to the seedy underbelly of 1950s California, where secrets are rampant, alliances are brittle, and peril lurks around every corner. It does this by offering a compelling historical backdrop, unforgettable characters, and a suspenseful plot. Noir and mystery lovers will find "The Esmeralda Goodbye" to be a memorable film thanks to Fayman's skillful storytelling.

About the Author

Corey Lynn Fayman

“A powerful new voice on the crime-fiction scene” (ForeWord Reviews), Corey Lynn Fayman has made a career of avoiding the sunlight in his hometown of San Diego, California, where he’s done hard time as a keyboard player for local bands, a sound designer for the world-famous Old Globe Theatre, and an interactive designer for organizations both corporate and sundry. Armed with a B.A. in Creative Writing from UCLA and an M.A. in Educational Technology from SDSU, he’s also taught technology and design courses at various colleges and universities in Southern California.

Fayman's adventures working for the infamous Internet startup led him to conceive the character of Rolly Waters, the guitar-playing detective first featured in the San Diego Book Awards nominated mystery, Black’s Beach Shuffle. Unduly encouraged by this early success, he set about writing a second Rolly Waters Mystery, Border Field Blues, winner of the Genre Award at the 2013 Hollywood Book Festival. Desert City Diva, the third novel in the series, was a bronze award winner in Foreword Reviews 2015 Indiefab Book of the Year Awards. The latest in the series, Ballast Point Breakdown, was awarded the best-in-show Geisel Award at the 2021 San Diego Book Awards.


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