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"The Science of Closing the Sale: By Winning Relationships" by Andy Miller.

5 Star Review

Book Editorial Review

by Michael Beas

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"The Science of Closing the Sale: By Winning Relationships" by Andy Miller is an invaluable resource for sales professionals seeking to elevate their selling game. Offering a comprehensive analysis of 40 million individuals worldwide, the book delivers personalized insights tailored for salespeople and account managers. It's as close to having an owner's manual for prospects and customers as one could hope for in the realm of sales.

Miller's book centers around a crucial premise: understanding and leveraging the four unique buying styles. He dives deep into these distinct styles, providing readers with actionable techniques to identify a prospect's type in a mere minute. This skill alone can be a game-changer, allowing salespeople to tailor their approach for maximum impact.

One of the best parts of this book that makes it stand out to me is the authors guidance on building strong relationships with each buying type. In sales, the ability to establish a genuine connection with prospects can make all the difference, and Miller's insights offer a powerful advantage. He not only illustrates effective relationship-building strategies but also highlights potential pitfalls that could unknowingly sabotage these connections. As a sales professional myself this one of the elements that will enable teams to push forward against all odds.

Moreover, "The Science of Closing the Sale" sheds light on common obstacles that create stalls and objections during the sales process. Armed with this knowledge, sales professionals can anticipate and address potential roadblocks, leading to more successful and streamlined sales interactions.

Miller's book also dives deep into the critical aspect of understanding the decision-making tendencies of prospects. By gauging whether a prospect is a fast or slow decision-maker and what they need to make a decision, salespeople can tailor their pitch and approach accordingly, maximizing their chances of closing the deal.

The author's writing style is engaging and accessible, making complex concepts easy to grasp and implement. The is filled with real-world examples, anecdotes, and practical exercises, enhancing the reader's learning experience.

In conclusion, "The Science of Closing the Sale: By Winning Relationships" is a must-read for sales professionals and account managers at all levels. Andy Miller's data-driven approach, backed by extensive research, offers invaluable insights into the art of selling and relationship-building. Whether you're a seasoned sales executive or just starting in the industry, this book is sure to enhance your skills and help you achieve greater success in closing deals. So, if you're looking to up your sales game and develop winning relationships with your prospects, this book is the perfect addition to your sales arsenal.

About the Author

Andy Miller

Andy Miller is CEO of, an international sales strategy and performance consulting firm specializing in helping middle-market companies accelerate sales.

He has 29 years of experience and is responsible for helping companies generate $5.7 Billion in new business across 200 industries in 46 countries. Sales Consulting - Big Swift Kick His clients include well-known tech companies IBM, BMC, EMC2, Deltek, McAfee, Intuit, eLynx, Pfizer, and several middle-market private equity firms.

He is a Vistage Top 50 Speaker, a Selling Power Magazine Top 10 Sales Consultant, and senior advisor to a network of 140 sales consulting firms worldwide. In addition, Andy has lectured at Georgetown University, Wharton School of Business and is a former advisor to the University of Houston Bauer College of Business Sales Excellence Institute. He’s been featured in Newsweek, CNN, seven books on business growth, Tony Robbins “Modeling the Masters” DVD series, and a Forbes contributor. He enjoys spending time with his wife Theresa, working out, hiking, touring Virginia wineries, and hanging out with family and friends.

Andy can be reached at


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