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Their Chilling Fall: A Historical Mystery of 1804

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Rebeca Lin

‘Their Chilling Fall: A Historical Mystery of 1804’ by Mary Ann Trail transports readers to the rugged Cape Breton coast in the fall of 1804, when newlyweds Georgina and Jeffrey Chadwick become involved in a dangerous and mysterious web. Trail deftly combines elements of historical fiction and suspense to fully immerse readers in the difficulties and trials that the Chadwick’s face as they negotiate the harsh realities of frontier life – along with a murder. Readers will be on the edge of their seats until the very end as the story unfolds with riveting intensity, from the debris of a shipwreck to the terrifying discovery of a murder victim.

‘Their Chilling Fall: A Historical Mystery of 1804’ immerses readers in history, with its vividly rendered locations, historical accuracy, and masterfully developed characters. Georgina and Jeffrey Chadwick are not just protagonists in a book; Trail brings them to life, creating complex and relatable people who struggle to come to grips with their new environment while also meeting hardship and danger head-on. It’s easy to see why Trail is well known for her powerful character and world building skills.

As the Chadwick’s confront the challenges of their new reality, readers are drawn into a beautifully crafted murder mystery that keeps them guessing until the last sentence. The novel is given depth and authenticity by Trail's love of historical detail, which carries the reader into a perilous and fascinating world while giving the book many levels of depth and authenticity.

For those who enjoy mysteries and historical fiction, ‘Their Chilling Fall: A Historical Mystery of 1804’ is an essential read. Readers will be thinking about Mary Ann Trail's exquisite story of romance, mystery, and adventure long after they've closed the book.

About the Author

Mary Ann Trail

After majoring in History in college, Mary Ann Trail worked as an academic librarian teaching students about the joys and pitfalls of research. Frequent trips to England with her sister fanned her interest in history as they strolled through Bath, followed Roman roads in Wales and wandered prehistoric mounds in Dorset. She finally settled on the early 19th century as her favorite era for its similarities to the push and pull of today's politics.


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