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"Ingaging Leadership: The Ultimate Edition" by Evan Hackel

Updated: Mar 4

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Michael Beas

In the field of leadership philosophy, Evan Hackel's "Ingaging Leadership: The Ultimate Edition" is a shining example of metamorphosis. Hackel reveals the power of engagement, a philosophy that goes beyond conventional leadership paradigms and unleashes the potential of companies, drawing on his extensive experience and distinguished career.

"Ingaging Leadership" is centered around the profound understanding that genuine leadership involves more than just instruction; it involves actively engaging hearts, minds, and emotions. Hackel explains with passion and clarity how the Ingengagement principles can transform leadership dynamics and promote a culture of cooperation, creativity, and unmatched achievement.

The book's usefulness is among its best features. Hackel equips leaders with the knowledge and skills need to plan, listen, communicate, and use other critical leadership abilities. "Ingaging Leadership" provides a road map for building successful, integrated teams that have a long-lasting influence, whether negotiating generational divides or maximizing organizational dynamics.

Evan Hackel's reputation as a forerunner in achievement and leadership gives this book unmatched authority. His thoughts are grounded on real-world experience and shown outcomes, as seen by his impressive three-decade career and track record of managing franchise companies with systemwide revenues exceeding $5 billion across five countries.

The transformational potential of "Ingaging Leadership: The Ultimate Edition" is what really makes it stand out. He challenges readers to rethink how they lead and manage diverse teams in the quickly changing corporate environment of today by dispelling myths and providing a novel viewpoint on leadership.

To sum up, "Ingaging Leadership: The Ultimate Edition" is an essential read for executives who want to realize their companies' full potential. With its practical guidance, inspiring ideas, and steadfast dedication to excellence, this book is set to spark a leadership revolution and motivate a new breed of capable, involved leaders. It is more than just a book; it is a change-agent and a guide to unmatched success in the contemporary business sector.

About the Author

Evan Hackel

Evan Hackel is the CEO of Tortal Training, an executive coach, speaker and author of Ingaging Leadership: A New Approach to Leading that Builds Excellence and Organizational Success. Tortal Training specializes in developing interactive eLearning solutions to make effective training easier by specializing in engagement. As CEO, Evan promotes the Ingagement philosophy, which has helped countless organizations create a culture of partnership and common purpose to drive success. For more information on Evan Hackel please visit


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