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Trust.: Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership

4 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By David McCarthy

In her insightful guide, Trust.: Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership, Dominique Shelton Leipzig offers a compelling playbook for executives seeking to harness the full potential of data while maintaining ethical integrity. Drawing on extensive experience advising Fortune 100 companies, Leipzig provides actionable strategies to align data practices with strategic goals and foster an ethical data culture. The book skilfully addresses the delicate balance between leveraging data for innovation and avoiding ethics scandals that can erode consumer trust. Dominique Shelton’s Leipzig's expertise shines through as she navigates complex topics such as privacy, AI, and digital innovation, offering practical solutions to common data dilemmas. With a focus on customer understanding, legal compliance, and responsible AI implementation, this guide equips leaders with the tools to transform their organizations into trustworthy and profitable data stewards. Trust.: Responsible AI, Innovation, Privacy and Data Leadership is then an indispensable resource for CEOs aiming to navigate the evolving landscape of data with confidence and responsibility.

About the Author

Dominique Shelton Leipzig

Dominique Shelton Leipzig is a Mayer Brown Privacy & Cybersecurity Partner. Leading Global Data Innovation, she counsels CEOs and Board Members on smart digital governance. She has trained 50,000+ professionals in AI, privacy and cyber. For decades, Dominique has studied legal trends to accurately forecast digital risks and opportunities. Companies, with a collective market cap of 3 trillion USD have benefited from her insights. Trust is her fourth book. Her articles include a Financial Times op-ed concerning cross-border transfers, that the White House adopted. She founded the Digital Trust Summit for leaders to reimagine effective data oversight. Named a Diligent Modern Governance 100 leader and a LA Times “Legal Visionary,” she has won 24 awards. A board member of the AI Governance Center and the International Association of Privacy Professionals, she is certified in privacy and board governance. Dominique is the co-founder of NxtWork, dedicated to diverse leadership.


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