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Unfair Discrimination

Updated: Jul 25, 2023



Mark Shaiken's legal thriller 'Unfair Discrimination' is an excellent take on today's 'hot-button topic' of prejudice and white supremacy. Having used his extensive background in law, Shaiken's expertise brings to life a politically charged drama that shines brightly the light of ignorance and archaic mindset plaguing portions of society still to this day. The novel's opening barnyard meeting creates the White Nationalist mindset of the lead character, Woodie Clark, and his expectations when an injustice occurs. It is then through legal wrangling's the likes of which Woodie experiences that do not align with his racist thinking that moves the story along. The characters are fleshed out so that the reader can pigeonhole their thinking, at times garnering them sympathy as to their narrow thinking. The story is one that sets the reader on edge from the get-go, knowing how such thinking in this day and age would simply not go, and increases from there. As a legal drama, it is well crafted and terse; the narrative shift did everything to give the reader a 360-degree perspective of the story--especially Woody's hateful and racist disposition. Great story, highly recommended!

About the Author

Mark lives with his wife Loren and their dog Emily in Denver, Colorado. He schooled at Haverford College and Washburn University, and practiced commercial bankruptcy law for four decades before moving on in 2019 to write, photograph, volunteer, travel, and play music. He is the author of "And . . Just Like That - essays on a life before, during, and after the law" and three books in his 3J legal thriller series set in Kansas City and starring bankruptcy lawyer Josephina Jillian Jones: "Fresh Start," "Automatic Stay," and "Unfair Discrimination." Connect with Mark at Read all of Mark's books for free if you belong to Kindle Unlimited.

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