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Updated: Jul 25, 2023


'There was always this weird chemistry between us' - Discovering love

Oklahoma physician and author Michelle Scott, whose Breathe Trilogy of romances captured a strong audience, now opens another romance that explores the psychology of attraction well. She opens her novel with a telling Prologue: ‘The scent of cherries filled our darkened hallway before I ever saw her. The sweet smell followed her around and stayed after she left. She appeared out of nowhere. She was so beautiful… beautifully broken. Her name is Rowan. A dark cloud of loss followed her, though she worked to hide it. I didn’t trust her. I don’t trust anyone except Jax, my twin brother, and Wes, our best friend. But even in my distrust, I was drawn to her. She was a temptress with dark red hair and green eyes. A queen entering the King’s domain. I’m the King… Jaden King. From the moment I saw her I decided we’d have her bowing before long. That is… if she doesn’t bring us to our knees first. Because one thing about this girl that no one knows… she’s stronger than she looks.’

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About the Author

Michelle Scott

Michelle practices medicine by day and is an amateur writer by night. An avid reader all of her life, she enjoys a good happy ending and strives to put them in her own writing. She is a lover of sports, drinker of coffee, and mother to her three fur babies. She lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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