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Unsettled States: A Novel

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Lauren Myers

Tom Casey's "Unsettled States: A Novel," a disturbing narrative of human nature, is peppered with humor and social satire. Taking place in a small coastal village in Connecticut, this novel addresses voyeurism, infidelity, murder, and spiritual corruption in a vivid and intriguing story that keeps readers hooked.

In this book, string of seemingly unrelated catastrophes shakes this small village. Throughout the investigation, readers meet a wide and complicated group of characters with their own secrets and difficulties. Among them is a disturbed Peeping Tom who started a chain of events, an unusual psychotherapist who challenges traditional healing, an atheistic investigator driven by rationality and skepticism, and a stylish priest struggling with religion and morals. These individuals weave a web of suspicion, guilt, deceit, and expiation, adding to the novel's intrigue and drama.

Casey's story blends humor and social commentary with darker themes. He vividly describes American life and disputes, making "Unsettled States" a literary feast for the heart and head. This story is different from other modern fiction because the author mixes tension with moral issues all through the pages. "Unsettled States" is a thought-provoking look at the human situation because the people have different personalities and the moral issues are not simple. 

Tom Casey asks us to confront the shadows within ourselves and our society in this brilliant story, reminding us that beauty and pleasure can have frightening repercussions. Those who want challenging, entertaining, and thought-provoking stories should read "Unsettled States".


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