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Vacation Mysteries: The Magic Box

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Marta Gil

Through the eyes of eleven-year-old Priya and her lively sister Sona, Diya Reddy Cheruku skillfully crafts a story of mystery, adventure, and cultural exploration in "Vacation Mysteries: The Magic Box." Cheruku imagined writing her first book when she was the main character's age. The story is interesting, fun, and educational for young readers.

Priya is an ordinary girl who has a very strong desire to learn magic. It's easy to see that she loves and fights with her younger sister Sona. The sisters become interested when they discover an old, mysterious box with six keyholes in their cellar. This starts an online study that takes them all the way to San Francisco and that's when the real excitement starts. The author takes the reader on a lively tour of San Francisco's rich cultural and historical scenery, including well-known landmarks, parks, and museums. Along the way, the author shares about native American customs, American history, art, and how important it is to stay active. The girls deal with and get over their own worries, finding a better connection with their ancestors.

Cheruku's writing skills are clear in the way she can make her stories educational while still having a mystery/adventure feel. The reader will enjoy how eager the sisters are to find the magic box's secrets and the hints they leave behind throughout the story. The sisters' relationship is shown throughout chapters, adding more power to the message it is trying to convey.

"Vacation Mysteries: The Magic Box" is unique because of Cheruku's unique style and point of view. Since she is a new writer, her honest insights into the lives of her characters really hit home with the people she wants to read her work. The story is better because Cheruku loves studying other cultures and came to the U.S. as an immigrant, which gives her a complex view of the many different cultures that make up America.

There is more to "Vacation Mysteries: The Magic Box" than meets the eye. It honors interest, different cultures, and the desire to try new things. It gives young readers hope that they can find out about the hidden things around them and enjoy the process of doing so. This book by Diya Reddy Cheruku is a great start for her as a children's book author. It has made her a rising star.

About the Author

Diya Reddy Cheruku 

Diya Cheruku hopes to inspire children everywhere to enjoy reading, exploring, and spending time in the great outdoors. When she was eleven years old, Diya began to imagine a story that later became Vacation Mysteries: The Magic Box. An extensive researcher and an avid reader herself, Diya has poured her passion for American history and culture into this exciting book about unraveling real-life family mysteries. Diya believes in the power of stories to help every kid fall in love with their own rich cultural heritage.


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