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We, Adults

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Daniela Brown

The author of "We Adults," Peter Stenson, explores the intricacies of interpersonal interactions and the fallout from stepping outside social norms. Elliot Svendson, the protagonist of the narrative, is a lady going through a period of psychological turmoil after learning of her husband's adultery. Elliot returns to her Minnesota hometown with her small boy and finds herself juggling single parenthood and a menial job at the mall.

When Elliot meets the charming and rebellious adolescent Madison Johnson, Stenson crafts a gripping story. Elliot becomes involved in an unforeseen affair due to Madison's appeal and unusual lifestyle, which further complicates her path to self-discovery and rehabilitation. Their connection gains a dimension of forbidden attraction when it becomes clear that Madison is only seventeen years old. This raises important concerns of maturity, age, and social expectations.

Stenson expertly examines the ripple effects on Elliot, Madison, and others around them as the affair is revealed. With its exploration of themes of desire, fragility, and moral ambiguity, "We Adults" challenges readers to consider the difficulties of making decisions as adults and the fallout from straying from morality.

The inner turmoil of Stenson's characters is eloquently and authentically captured in his writing, which is both tragic and absorbing. He presents a vivid picture of people battling internal issues and outside forces through Elliot and Madison's entwined lives, pushing readers to reevaluate their ideas of connection and accountability.

"We Adults" offers a provocative look at love, isolation, and the search for belonging in a morally complex society. Stenson gives a powerful look at human weakness and resiliency as his story develops subtly and deeply.

All things considered, "We Adults" is a compelling and reflective book that explores the depths of human emotions and the unintended consequences of forbidden love. For readers who value creative fiction that pushes boundaries and encourages reflection, Peter Stenson's storytelling is both subtle and fascinating, leaving a lasting effect.


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