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"What If You Could?" by Lynne Harley

5 Star Review

Reviewed by Michael Beas

"What If You Could?" by Lynne Harley is a delightful children's book that explores the universal theme of self-belief and the power of listening to one's inner voice. With its inspiring story of a determined caterpillar, this book encourages readers of all ages to embrace change and pursue their dreams.

The story revolves around a little caterpillar who dreams of a future filled with flight and the beauty of nature. However, the caterpillar is torn between two inner voices—the kind voice that encourages him to believe in his dreams and the mean voice that urges him to stick to the familiar and abandon his aspirations. This inner conflict can help readers of all ages, as all of us often face similar dilemmas when stepping out of our comfort zones.

Lynne Harley, a social worker and transformational life coach, draws on her extensive experience in empowering us to believe in themselves. In "What If You Could?", she skillfully delivers a message of self-empowerment and the importance of embracing one's truth. The book plants seeds of inspiration and encourages readers to nurture their dreams and listen to their inner voice of kindness and support.

The book has received widespread acclaim, and rightfully so. Michelle Shaw from SaskBooks Reviews describes it as a "wonderful book for all ages" with a deep and profound message that resonates with readers. The story's endearing nature captivates children, while adults find themselves drawn to its inspirational content, making it a heartwarming and inspiring read for the entire family.

Mary Morrissey, founder of the Brave Thinking Institute, praises the book for its valuable teachings and tools, emphasizing the significance of listening to one's internal voice of intuition and believing in one's dreams. Lynne Harley's expertise as a transformational life coach shines through, allowing her to convey these powerful messages in a beautifully inspired children's book.

In summary, "What If You Could?" is a remarkable children's book that leaves a lasting impact on readers of all ages. Lynne Harley's expertise as a transformational life coach shines through, empowering young minds to embrace change, trust their inner voice, and pursue their dreams. This gold medallist of the Global Book Awards is a must-read, offering a feel-good and inspiring experience for everyone who turns its pages.

I have personally read this book to my own kids and can tell you that this eye-opening experience that will leave a lasting impression on them and me...

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About the Author

Lynne Harley

Lynne Harley is an award-winning author who currently resides in Camrose, Alberta, Canada. Her life work, spanning 40 years in the field of transformation, has been to empower individuals to believe in themselves and to give credence to the loving voice of truth that is within each one of us.

Her children's story "What If You Could?" was recently awarded a Gold Medal at the Global Book Awards; and was inspired by the work she shares in her coaching programs. This inspirational story of transformation is everyone’s story. It brings awareness to the internal self-talk that we all hear when we prepare to leave our comfort zone, to spread our wings and fly.

Lynne is a passionate advocate for youth mental wellness. A portion of all (What If You Could?) book sales will be gifted to

Lynne is also a contributing author in the book "Short, Sweet and Sacred"- Volume 2, which shares the personal stories of Life Coaches and their journeys of transformation. This volume was released in July of 2022, and is an international best seller.

Lynne is the mother of three amazing young men. When not speaking, coaching or writing, Lynne loves to her spend her time travelling and in nature.

To learn more about Lynne, please visit


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