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Why Brand Protection Matters: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes and Increase the Value of Your Business

5 Star Review

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Editorial Book Review:

By Daniela Brown

L.A. Perkins' "Why Brand Protection Matters" is an essential manual for securing one's company from potential hazards and legal complications in a world where a brand's integrity has the power to make or ruin a corporation. Drawing from more than 27 years of legal experience, Perkins provides a thorough road map for protecting and enhancing a company's most precious asset: its brand.

Perkins makes an immediate impression as a reliable resource by fusing the knowledge of an experienced intellectual property lawyer with the drive of a business success strategist. This book is a practical toolset designed for executives, entrepreneurs, and business owners who need to negotiate the difficult world of trademark protection rather than just a theoretical discourse.

Identifying brand assets, protecting intellectual property, and obtaining trademark rights in the US are just a few of the important subjects that Perkins covers in her approach, which is both entertaining and educational. This book stands out for being approachable; by demystifying complicated legal ideas with vivid anecdotes and real-world examples, readers with varying degrees of business skill can relate to and use the content.

The proactive approach at the core of "Why Brand Protection Matters" Perkins gives readers the means to successfully reduce the hazards in addition to drawing attention to them. This book provides useful insights and step-by-step assistance for both seasoned executives seeking to strengthen the durability of their brand and startup founders seeking to establish a strong legal foundation.

The book's emphasis on the transforming power of prompt action is one of its most notable aspects. Perkins gives readers the tools they need to take control of their brand's future by highlighting the need of proactively protecting trademarks and anticipatorily addressing any legal concerns.

To sum up, "Why Brand Protection Matters" is essential reading for anybody who cares about the health and success of their company. This book is a priceless tool for safeguarding your brand and increasing its worth in the cutthroat market of today because of L.A. Perkins's evident knowledge. You'll acquire the self-assurance to successfully negotiate the legal system and lead your company toward a resilient and prosperous future with Perkins at your side.

About the Author

L.A. Perkins

Lee-Anne "L.A." Perkins is a top-rated brand protection attorney (a.k.a. an intellectual property attorney and a trademark attorney) in the State of Florida, where she has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1996 and has served as the president of the South Palm Beach County Bar Association. She is the founder and CEO of L.A. Perkins Law Firm PLLC, doing business as Perkins Law—Brand Protection, which she founded in 2013 following her experience as a partner in two highly regarded large law firms.

She has represented an array of clients, from individuals to Fortune 100 companies in various industries, and has successfully litigated intellectual property cases in federal and state courts, including jury trials.

L.A. focuses her practice on helping innovative, visionary business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs identify and protect their intellectual property assets, maintain their IP assets, and enforce their rights when necessary. She is passionate about guiding her clients in the selection of their brands and securing their brand assets so they can build their businesses on a solid foundation with peace of mind positioned for success.

She has been recognized by clients, colleagues, opposing counsel, judges, and various attorney rating services for the quality of her work and professionalism. For more than 14 years, she has held the highest rating from Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory—now referred to as AV Preeminent®—which indicates the highest level of skill, integrity, and professional conduct. This distinction is awarded to approximately 10 percent of all United States attorneys. She has also received the prestigious Florida Super Lawyers® designation for intellectual property litigation, a recognition achieved by no more than 5 percent of attorneys in each state. She was also recognized as a top lawyer in intellectual property by The Boca Raton Observer and Palm Beach Illustrated and is a Florida Supreme Court-certified mediator. She is committed to making a difference.


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